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apple pie

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A consistently delicious recipe that comes in all different shapes and sizes. Customize your crusts with fun designs or even a written message! You name, I'll bake it.

You read for the pie of your life?

CaseyPie Story

I have loved to bake since I was young. Playdates with friends turned the kitchen a mess, with my early (failed) attempts at making up recipes myself. As I got older and learned how to follow a book, family weekends in Vermont were not complete without testing a new dessert. The recipes varied until I came across a handwritten pie recipe that was in a marketing holder at the ski lodge.

Since then, I have made this same apple pie recipe year after year, changing measurements and ingredients to find the perfect combination of flavors. After nearly 10 years of bringing it to family functions and holidays, I now bring CaseyPie to NYC. Buckle up.

CaseyPie Creations

Handmade to order from my apartment in NYC!

Okay, so they're not celebrities. But the love is real!

"I don't even like fruit pies and I cannot stop eating yours"

"I have no self control I will eat the whole thing if you let me. So excited for the individual mini pies!"


"I want to bathe in your crumb topping"

"There were 10 other desserts at my Thanksgiving dinner and this was the first to go."

"The graham cracker crust on the bottom is unbelievable. Makes the whole thing."

"Perfect combination of apples, goo, and crust. I think I ate half of the pie, no joke."

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